October 6, 2002

I've started working on RPCAP again after a lengthy hiatus caused by my relocating to Canada. I've uploaded the latest release of RPCAP, which is now at 0.23 (alpha). This release is better tested and has a lot of the bugs in earlier versions fixed. The build is now GNU autotools (autoconf / automake / libtool) based, which will help solve a lot of platform dependency problems. The old manual build tools are still available, though. since librpcap testing is greatly simplified by directly linking the files to a client test harness.

The big news is that tcpdump now builds against librpcap, with some minor modifications. I've uploaded a modified copy of the tcpdump sources in rtdump.tar.gz, which you can download and build against librpcap. The modifications are that

- the build files have been modified to link to librpcap rather than libpcap
- the rpcap_init function invocation has been added to rtdump.c, which is a modified version of tcpdump.c
- some extra code has been added to rtdump.c to parse additional command line parameters (the remote capture target name)

The modified tcpdump executable is called rtdump, to avoid any confusion/ namespace conflicts with tcpdump.

The Change Log is available here.